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  • Darlene Rose DeMaria


After a very informative session yesterday with Ladd Martin, Advertising Executive, I began to think about three strong qualities I implement into my educational therapy practice.

It’s important I model behaviors I want to nurture in the students I see. Just like the challenges of learning, being a solo entrepreneur in my Educational Therapist practices poses its’ challenges. What if I can make it a little bit better by practicing these three qualities?

What does it mean to be BOLD? For me, it encourages my best self to shine. When I am courageous enough to authentically extend myself, I am willing to implement new strategies or techniques ~ (such as posting this article).

BALANCE asks me to stay centered and focused in the midst of implementing a new technique. It also poses the possibility of having to adapt, adjust and accommodate to changes that may arise. In a balanced approach I am encouraged to stay cool even if I am thrown off by the unexpected.

Lastly, how is my BOLD and BALANCED behavior BENEFICIAL in my work as an Educational Therapist? These qualities provide a positive model for me as I serve my students, their families, and collaborate with my colleagues. Consciously implementing these three B’s makes me a more creative, focused, and productive Educational Therapist.

© Darlene Rose DeMaria, 2023

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