“Empowering students with strategies to express their unique learning style”

Darlene provided tutoring weekly or twice weekly for my son over a period of three years, he was in 6th - 8th grade. The tutoring was effective for helping him understand schoolwork in more depth and complete homework. Darlene went beyond this, though, and also provided a more wholistic approach that improved his physical coordination, body awareness, writing, drawing, self-esteem, self-awareness, and verbal expression. Darlene brings the wisdom of many years of training and experience, plus a sensitive and perceptive approach with a positive and loving attitude. My son greatly enjoyed his tutoring with Darlene. Even though we moved to another town, they have remained in communication as he goes through high school.

Dr. Michele, Parent

We first became aware of our son's struggles in third grade when his teacher expressed concern regarding a lack of focus in the class room. After speaking to several doctors and the school psychologist, we chose to have him tested. We learned he was suffering from ADD (inattentive type). Difficulty writing and spelling were clear to us, but what was more troubling was a lack of inner motivation, a lack of drive to improve. We knew he needed the right intervention to help him both academically and emotionally. As we embarked on our search for the right solution, Darlene came highly recommended from several sources. It has been two years since our son began his journey and the results have been amazing.

Our son is sensitive and thoughtful, intelligent and empathetic. Darlene connected with him right away, helping him embrace his personal challenges and reconnect with a love of learning. With many years of experience, she is well versed in her field and has applied different techniques as our son's needs have changed. Darlene recognizes that learning challenges have an emotional effect on children and she strives to build confidence through a loving and thoughtful approach. How fortunate we are that our family has had the opportunity to work with such a talented, gifted, and spectacular person. We have recommended Darlene to many families and will continue to do so.

Deb, Parent

Our daughter Parker started working with Darlene about a year ago. Before that we were lucky enough to have her as a summer school teacher. Darlene and Parker had an instant connection (I'm pretty sure Darlene makes that connection with all of her students!) We wanted Parker to get extra support with her school work.  We were also concerned that as the gap was getting wider between her and her peers, that her confidence was declining. We needed someone to look at not only the academic piece, but also the very important emotional piece as well.  

Darlene has been wonderful! The connection she made with Parker immediately was incredible.  Darlene is so sweet and caring with her students.  She is so invested in them and truly loves them!  Not only has Darlene helped support Parker in her schoolwork, but we've also seen Parker become more confident in her communication and desire to speak up since starting with Darlene. She also gave us some great pointers to help foster this skill at home. If Parker doesn't get to see Darlene on her scheduled day, she gets sad and misses this very important part of her week. We've been very happy with the help Parker has received and as you can see, we cannot say enough good things about Darlene!

Amy, Parent

Darlene has been fabulous with our son during his 5th - 8th grade years. Her unique approach has allowed him to make great progress in all areas of learning. In particular his writing has gotten 1000% better and he has moved from the middle of the class to the top! More importantly it has instilled a much deeper appreciation for learning in my son. He understands the process and is very knowledgeable now about his unique learning style.


Darlene will always go the extra mile, we once had a math crisis and she called around to get him help and stayed an extra couple of hours to help him through it. Darlene is the first tutor that Steven wants to go to! We had to drag him and listen to his complaints for all the other tutors. We love to see Darlene. When I pick him up, he often begs to stay a little longer to continue. She has been a godsend for us.

Michael, Parent

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