I highly recommend Darlene DeMaria as an Educational Therapist. Our son has mild dyslexia and auditory processing challenges. He saw Darlene in 5th ~ 8th grade for remediation and learning skills development. Darlene’s approach uses a mix of physical and mental brain re-wiring exercises, coping techniques for dealing with learning challenges and sensory stimulation with aromatherapy.  


When our son first saw Darlene in 5th grade, he could not do homework on his own and had difficulty following a conversation. By the time he graduated from 8th grade, he had developed a stronger voice and was confident in his ability to produce quality work. Darlene’s work with our son helped him become an independent learner able to enjoy school and homework. He is now in Serra High School, thriving and received all A’s on his first semester report card!  


We attribute much of our son’s confidence and desire to push himself to the support he received from Darlene. Not only is she educated in her profession but a caring relationship with our son was also developed. He will always remember Darlene as a support figure who had a great impact on his growth and development into the young man he has become.  

~ Beth, Parent ~