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Neurological Impress Method (NIM) & Punctuation Tapping to Develop Reading Fluency

A positive mental attitude helps to magnify inherent strengths already present in the student. It also sets the stage for acceptance of what is ~ and what has to be remediated, to improve the processing challenge. This is true, even when output may be improving but is inconsistent.


This requires the ability to see beyond the appearances of processing weaknesses and stay focused on the strengths. The commitment of consistent practice, focused on the positive strengths, will fortify and develop the student’s growth and personal ownership of the process.


The positive results being sought can be fortified through the simple practice of prescribed remedial tools. The tool I want to mention is Neurological Impress Method (NIM). This is a wonderful tool applied to develop reading fluency. The method is an engaging and effective reading practice requiring only 10 minutes per day.


I am also suggesting incorporating the kinesthetic tool of tapping. This is a technique of tapping once at commas and twice at periods. This will build and fortify appropriate pauses when the student reads aloud and silently. In addition, utilizing a bookmark will develop smooth eye tracking and fluency. These strategies address reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension. The appropriate chunking of incoming and outgoing information is also developed.


A wonderful by-product of remediation is those special moments when the student expresses self-acceptance and acknowledges the work is successful (strengthening those weaker processing channels). It’s fun to hear: Sure glad I kept on practicing these tools for just 10 minutes a day!


The remediation I am presenting in this article focuses on leading with self-acceptance combined with disciplined action to transform the skill of reading. Everyone wants to be a fluent reader. Literacy is a key that unlocks many doors. When one is willing to visit those weaker skills and cultivate patience in practicing a pace that is “slow and steady to win the race”, the result is a winning outcome.

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