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  • Darlene Rose DeMaria

What Has Covid Taught Us?

What Has Covid Taught Us?

Darlene Rose DeMaria, MA, BCET


Depending on where one lives there can be a sense of semblance and order due to laws insuring masks, social distancing, and vaccinations supported with sensible and considerate group practices.

There also appears to be a wave of Covid denial, depending on geographic location, political persuasions, and lack of information that feels safe to believe and practice. Tensions and these opposing views are running very hot and high. This environment promotes the urge to push past the confines, assume an impervious stance and simply have it, ‘back the way it was no matter what’.

Sadly, we all know that it is not and probably may never be ‘back the way it was’. From a positive point of view, I would like to hope our ‘new normal’ would never be totally back the way it was. I would like to be apart of a collective consciousness that creates a ‘new normal’ one that is much more considerate of others, not quite so speedy, and most importantly instilled with kind values that breed wholesome children. Children growing up in a globally conscious world where they want to love and serve others and the planet rather than grab, get theirs first and while they are grabbing, get all they can!

So what will it take to grow compassionate conscious connections? Will this ‘new normal’ even be recognized, or prioritized as we scramble to survive a train that has already left the station and doesn’t care if it is burning fossil fuels to make its’ engines go.

It will take:

1.) A deep change that places ‘others’ and our planet earth as an important part of the self-centered puzzle to make the picture whole.

2.) Deep listening with eyes, skin and an open heart to realize the importance of another’s words and patiently allow time, needed to grow the cohesive connection of ‘we’ not just ‘me’.

3.) Conscious stopping down of the pace of speech, the enhancing of eye contact and acceptance of differences, allowing each person a supportive atmosphere to absorb the ideas being shared so both parties are given time to digest, grow and prosper through the exchange.

4.) Integrity of values and awareness that we really are all seeking the same innate goals, values, and a sense of belonging.

5.) Conscious considerate responding, not reacting, that places KINDNESS over just getting the job done. Kind leadership nurtures authentic communication, builds conscious efficient productivity and an inclusive mindset of ‘WE’ not ‘ME’.

© 2021 D.R. DeMaria

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